Collaboration is one of my core values - it results in amazing projects and services for my clients. Here are a few to get you warmed up to recognise if we can work together. You could be our next collaborators or client. 

Balance and Flex

Managing is a life change for women that has long been understated and tolerated. Hopefully we are seeing teh change with many menopause clinics opening up to help women through through phase with hormonal and non hormonal treatments.


This is a special product that aims to offer high quality support that complements such interventions. Read more here and drop us a line to chat how we can help women experiencing various phases and types of menopause. 

Interested in collaborating?

Please contact us if you would like to partner with us and experiment on new ideas and solutions that empower individuals to overcome challenges and exponentially grow. Why? We are looking for collaborators who believe that together we can have greater impact and success. Why? Together we can strengthen the collective to help transform our world. 

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