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Harness the power of neuroplasticity   




In a game changing move, leadership master coach Reena Dayal has collaborated with alpha geek neuroscience consultant Maria Chase to launch a personal acceleration programme that leverage neuroscience and bio-behavioural techniques. Their first offer is in Summer  2022 with a cohort based course : Neuro Leadership 

Key topics will include:

  • Brain hacking - Discover the machinery of the mind and neuro-hacks to sharpen cognitive abilities  

  • Emotional intelligence - Recognise subconscious drivers and emotions as decision making data points 

  • Mental Agility - Practice bio-techniques to combat stress, sharpen confidence and harness unpredictability

  • Neuroplasticity - Apply concepts to develop a blueprint that serves you and accelerates your journey

Group Calls


You have all the "right" books, signed up free tutorials, heard powerful theories, been inspired by thought leaders, even experienced a bump up in our efforts and progress, but something is holding us back. Why? Why aren’t you experiencing the success you expected?  This programme addresses this "block" and empowers you for life. 


On the flip side, this will also be powerful for someone who simply wants to raise their game and be more effective as they make their mark. Scaling up | Getting ready for a promotion | ready to leave your your job and live your dream career  | Keen to get investors to fund your Business growth? 

Moreover, you want to be part of a community of leaders who are as strategic, ambitious and aspirational like you to accelerate and create a powerful personal legacy. 

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Discovering how my brain works, distilling my focus, energy and strategy and overcoming what was getting in my way,  gave me the opportunity to develop and apply the skills needed to re energise and reorient my career path. I have now landed the perfect new role. Could not be more grateful, this work really works!



Executive Lead: Events

Why us?

We love this subject and in addition to our unique content, we deliver results. We believe in application not theory. We believe in hard work whilst having serious fun! We believe everyone is a unique leader.


As long as people are engaged and serious about learning, we are confident of results and offer a money back guarantee after the first two interactions if you don't feel you are getting the value you you envisioned.

Our combined experience of 60+ years working with over 20000 high performing leaders, sharpening our science based knowledge and fine tuning skills is combined with our mission to transform our world, one leader at a time.  

We invite individuals and teams  who wish to not just level up, they wish to raise their game to achieve exponential success whilst transforming the world - in their way. Could that be you? your business?

Reena is an incredibly talented, natural coach. She has a great ability to take your sometimes confusing thoughts and repackage them in a way that brings a new sense of clarity from which solid decisions can be made. She equipped me with the tools to successfully make the challenging transition from corporate life to launching a new business.


Lawyer, Founder and CEO Strand Sahara

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