1-to-1 coaching

Unlock powerful decision-making

One session, 90 mins

Or two sessions, 45 mins

Welcome to the powerful Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI) assessment, designed by the globally-acclaimed coach, Bruce Schneider. This is the foundational assessment tool for the core energy coaching process.


Created to understand the blind spots, perceptions, attitudes, behaviours, and current leadership mindset, you will walk away with a clear mind map of what is coming in the way to exponential success and stress-free living.


Pre-work required.


INCREDIBLE VALUEIncludes the powerful Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI) assessment tool PLUS a copy of The Brilliance Quotient by Reena Dayal.

the secret to outperforming

One session, 90 mins

Or two sessions, 45 mins


An absolute essential for those who wish to raise confidence levels and master consistent outperformance.


Following the example of Olympic-level sports coaching and positivity psychology, this tool has been taken by over 20 million people for a reason. Deep dive into a powerful session to transform great potential into greater performance. Walk away with an insight on how you can make your 1:33 million unique strengths-based brand a winner.


Pre-work required.

INCREDIBLE VALUEIncludes globally acclaimed Clifton Strengthfinder assessment tool PLUS a copy of The Brilliance Quotient by Reena Dayal.


One session, 90 mins

Or two sessions, 45 mins


The 2020s will be known as the decade for developing leaders who are more purpose driven, building purposeful organisations. There is a real hunger for people to identify their purpose, the question is how? Is it your dreams? Your aspirations? That faint picture that inspires us but just isn't too clear? 

Walk away with high levels of clarity and powerful choices, as we uncover nuggets as we unpack details and the bigger picture that shows the direction to your purpose. 

Pre-work required.


INCREDIBLE VALUEIncludes a copy of The Brilliance Quotient by Reena Dayal and the Purpose Grid Worksheet. Get started with the free holistic life assessment here.

Reena helped me to think more critically and clearly about my current way of living and working. She helped me to decide what I want (and what I do not want) in my future. 


I feel ready to embrace the “move” and have already started taking action.


Antoinette van Vugt

Oxfam, Individual Client

The stress buster

4 sessions x 90 mins

Stress is natural. If unattended it is the number one cause for health problems, burnout, and costly mistakes. In addition, it acts as a barrier to creative thinking, new perspectives, and mental agility.


Using the globally-acclaimed Energy Leadership Index, dig deep and reframe your stress triggers at the very source.


  • Session 1: Energy Leadership Index Assessment Report 

  • Session 2: Exploring stress triggers - the GAIL model

  • Session 3: Reframing stress creators and circuit breakers

  • Session 4: Choosing principles that define a new mindset

the leadership accelerator

9 sessions x 90 mins


The ultimate combination where you dig deep and reframe your stress triggers for ever, whilst developing a powerful authentic leadership brand and strong executive presence.

Leaders will begin to notice the difference right away, as you raise awareness of blind spots and begin to influence others by changing how you think, act, and behave. Effortlessly.


  • Sessions 1-4: The Stress Buster Outcomes

  • Sessions 5-8: Energy Leadership Session. Leadership style and behaviours aligned - Clifton Strengths & Values

  • Session 9: Exploring high energy principles and behaviours - Leadership brand

the fearless visIOnary 

12 sessions x 90 mins


The difference between profitable businesses and profit-with-purpose businesses is a fearless visionary. How do you get there?


In combination with the leadership accelerator sessions, you will experience our powerful Purpose-Vision-Impact duo session and deep dive on holistic leadership principles, like never before.


Get ready to make powerful choices to lead your life differently - exponentially.


  • Sessions 1-9: The Leadership Accelerator outcomes - Energy Leadership, Clifton Strengths, Values, Leadership brand

  • Session 10: Holistic leadership assessment

  • Session 11-12 : Purpose-Vision 2022

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