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A lively 45 mins where you get to uncover ancient wisdom and modern science that controls happiness, well-being, decision making, leadership effectiveness and financial success.


Are you ready TO RAISE YOUR GAME?

Every fortnight hosts Reena Dayal, Maria Chase and experts get geeky and connect the dots to explaining how you, your teams and businesses can attain what you truly desire. Watch the most recent one above, for featured videos and archives scroll down. Enjoy!

TBQ LiVE is "live" via Facebook, Youtube and Linked IN every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 1230 London time. Message us if you would like an alert on upcoming topics or, would like to join us live on a topic of mutual interest.

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TBQ LiVE explores the nine levers 20 experts have explored  in the book - The Brilliance Quotient. Written in 2017 it was prophetic  - its strap-line reads "Master the science and art of effortless leadership in an unpredictable era." unpredictable are the times now! 

Jack,  TBQ LiVE team member