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Master the science and art of effortless leadership in an unpredictable world

Reena Dayal is the author of 'The Brilliance Quotient,' a practical self-coaching tool available to purchase exclusively via

What you'll discover:

  • 8 levers to accelerate your leadership capability and capacity so you can get more done in less time.

  • The science behind default thinking patterns that inhibit creative decision making

  • How and why leaders must develop intuition to master and disrupt a changing business and social landscape.

  • Powerful insights from more than 20 experts on how you can lead yourself, teams and business during unpredictability.

  • Reframes to key levers in the business landscape

  • The secret to consistently out-perform, and much more..

Are you ready to be (more) brilliant?

The Brilliance Quotient is simply a must read for high potential, key talent and top performers!


Kathy Tuccaro

Author and Motivational Speaker

Leaders, buy this book for yourself and your teams, discuss it with them and learn to practice it. Then watch the profound transformation that you, your teams, and your organisation will undergo."


Giovana Vega

TEDx Speaker, Forex expert, Europe


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