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"This book is a knock on your door inviting you to recognise and reveal your brilliance and  greatness."


Reena Dayal, Author

'The Brilliance Quotient,' is an insightful, through provoking and practical self-coaching book available to purchase exclusively via

What you'll discover:

  • Nine levers to accelerate your leadership capability and capacity so you can get more done in less time.

  • The science behind default thinking patterns that inhibit creative decision making and influencing skills.

  • How to develop intuition so you can disrupt a changing world  and create a better world.

  • A guide to rethinking three levers that are redefining the future business landscape.

  • The secret to consistently out-perform, and much more..


Get ready to master the science and art of effortless leadership in an unpredictable world. Welcome to experiential reading. 


Are you ready to be (more) brilliant?

The Brilliance Quotient is simply a must read for high potential, key talent and top performers!


Kathy Tuccaro

Author and Motivational Speaker


A powerful narrative that includes insights from the author and  20+ experts on how you can lead yourself, teams and business during unpredictability.

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Geraldine Gallahager, UK

CEO Executive Coaching Consultancy

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Maria Chase, UK

Neuroleadership Coach


Chris Arnold, UK

Strategist |Creative, Ethical Consumer Marketing & Community specialist


Ade McCormack, UK

Business engineer | Disruption | Innovation | Transformation


Moses Ngormi, Botswana

Leadership Coach | OD Consultant Africa


Leigh Lafever-Ayer, UK

HR Director Enterprise UK & Ireland

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Bruce D Schneider, USA

Founder iPEC Coaching


Leah Gwangwa, Botswana

Principal Consultant HROD Africa


Farrah Qureshi

Founder and CEO of Global Diversity Practice

Leaders, buy this book for yourself and your teams, discuss it with them and learn to practice it. Then watch the profound transformation that you, your teams, and your organisation will undergo."


Giovana Vega

TEDx Speaker, Forex expert, Europe

Rina Goldenberg Lynch

CEO, Voice at the Table

I had the pleasure of hosting Reena to introduce her book to our network of professional women. Not only is Reena an eloquent and engaging speaker, she  succeeded to convey so well the highlights of her book that copies were flying off the shelf soon after. The book is full of practical insights and guidance and should be on everyone’s must-read list of business books..

Geraldine Gallahager

CEO, Executive Coaching Consultancy

I collaborated with Reena to co- write a chapter in her book The Brilliance Quotient. Reena is an excellent writer and coach -she was effectively coaching me through my first experience of writing anything longer than an article. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the topic of purposeful leadership.

Marieta Bencheva

Principal Consultant at 

I read it last year and since I am underlining things I would like not to forget, recently I opened it again and read my underlinings. My favourite parts are: the anabolic and catabolic energy, the 7 Levels of Energy Leadership model and all the practical models/exercises that are throughout the edition. Thank you for the insights and look forward to reading your next book!