Enabling Leaders, Teams and Organisations to operate at a higher level of leadership consciousness and excellence




We are a pivotal moment in history of mankind where there is a clarion call for transformational leaders. Traditional leadership programmes helps leaders become a better leader. Ascent leadership Mastery programme (ALMP) build on the experience and expertise leaders, teams and organisations have gained and pushes the boundaries enabling them to redefine leadership excellence and how they choose to get there. 

We invite influencers (individuals and/or teams) in your organisations irrespective of hierarchy to experience a novel way to stretch their capabilities and capacities so they can operate at a higher level of excellence and consciousness.

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What is unique about our solution?


Our content and methodology.  

Whilst each team coach and trainer brings in rich and diverse Corporate experience and specialism, the ALMP programme gains its unique status from its content. We leverage cutting edge applied neuroscience, biobehavioral sciences, leadership frameworks and Ayurvedic principles weaving it skilfully into powerful acceleration experience.  (workshops and 1:1 sessions) Download our brochure for more

What is ASCENT Leadership MASTERY?


A revolutionary science based accelerated development intervention for leaders and teams with strong links to creating a resilient organisational culture. Businesses will move more quickly, more smoothly and at a faster pace. 

Our team  will customise design and apply content to work on individual and business challenges and opportunities. We believe "knowledge isn't power, applied knowledge is power" (Eric Thomas)  

We offer a flexible menu. You can engage with one coach or, hire a team of coaches, trainers and mentors for leaders across multiple locations. 

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Who are we? 

Based out of USA, Europe, Asia we are a group of coaches, trainers and mentors with entrepreneurship, corporate and executive coaching backgrounds across sectors.


We coach and train leaders and teams from any background, experience level and location. Typical roles include Board Members, CEO, Founders, Partners, COO, CTO, CFO, Mid level management and New joiners.


All our coaches are certified Master Practitioners of Energy Leadership™ and our lead trainers specialists in Applied Neuroscience and Gallup Strengths. Our mentors are business strategists and functional leaders.