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With as little as 48 hours' notice, you can book an on-demand session and resolve any urgent matters in our quickfire meeting.

Simply book your 30 or 60 minute session and, upon receipt of payment, you will receive a 4-minute questionnaire as preparation for our session, conducted via Zoom. 

= £150+VAT (30 mins)

= £250+VAT (60 mins)


Example​ topics covered:

  • Dealing with difficult people 

  • Getting promoted

  • Preparing for a pitch

  • Be an engaging leader

  • Be more persuasive

  • Boost team productivity 

  • Improving self-confidence

  • Creating leadership legacy

  • Work-life balance

  • Performance reviews


Busy executives recognise a timely, skilled and confidential sounding board brings high returns on investment in successful outcomes



Synopsis of a few recent case studies 

Being more persuasive?

"I find it hard for my voice to be heard. I have good ideas, but sometimes I feel overlooked."

Techniques covered: Mindset, negotiation process, techniques, and strategies.


Session outcomes: How to deal with immediate problem and capacity to influence others and one’s own situation.


Improving your team's productivity?


"My team performs well under crisis, however when the situation is normal, productivity slips." 


Techniques covered: Root cause analysis, brainstorming, actions analysis. 


Session outcomes: How to use strengths coaching, work allocation, and team goals strategy.

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Dealing with conflict?


"I have an extremely negative person at work, either my peer or senior in business hierarchy. I need to work with them productively."


Techniques covered: Brainstorming, filters, inner-outer alignment, advisor technique, and action planning.


Session outcomes: How to deal with the immediate problem, raise self-capabilities, job satisfaction, and influencing strategies.

Boosting confidence and self-belief?

"How can I be an effective small fish in a big pond?"


Techniques covered: Self-awareness, reframing, mindset, interpretations/filters.


Session outcomes: How to reframe one’s opportunities, fine-tune skills, capitalise on diversity and lead on transformation agenda.

Being an engaging leader?

"How can I be a great leader and use 360 effectively?"


Techniques covered: Building capacity, defining great leadership, recognising the vision.


Session outcomes: Reframing one’s role and strategy to lead a business through transformation.

Getting promoted to Board level?

"As the Technology Director I would like to engage with and influence board members positively. My aim is to include board roles in my portfolio career."

Techniques covered: Leadership brand, career visioning, Pain/Gain model for stakeholder mapping

Session outcomes: Career strategy, Board strategy, Clarity of vision.


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels.j
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