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Mentoring Women in Africa


Fulfilling my purpose to strengthening communities through pro Bono relationships | Ethical and socially responsible business 





Set up The Collaborators UK to serve business and pro-bono aspirations

Mentored Business Women in Africa 


Institute of Directors (Central London) 2017-2021

Membership Officer

Vice Chair 


Coaching & mentoring social sector

St Jane's De Chantel, South Africa 

Radical Recruit, UK 

...and more to follow..



The Aspire Foundation and the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women are stellar organisations working to support women around the world.


As part of my aspiration and commitment to giving back, I worked as a mentor for both from 2013-2017. My focus was Women in Africa as I have had a dream since a child to be associated with this continent. (I think the colourful Atlas my grandfather Dr. Marrel Paul might have something to do with it!) 

aspire logo.png

Having never visited the continent (till date) my dream encouraged me to request  to mentor women from this amazing continent. I was blown away by the experience. Here are some soundbites of what I was involved in.

  • Mozambique: Vision and purpose for an expat preparing for post retirement life

  • Kenya: Helping an agriculture specialist set up her own tomato business. She  made profits Month 2. 

  • Benin: Strengthen the Chair of Young Leaders Association at Benin leadership brand and influencing style

  • South Africa: Help the co-founder of a children's charity to develop leadership capability and capacity 

  • Nigeria: Strengthen L&D and OD strategy for an HR leader working in a MNC


I truly believe I learnt as much as they did - our time together was special and the bond will last forever.



The Institute of Directors (IoD) was founded in 1903 and today is a vibrant membership organisation with a strong presence in the UK and affiliates in other countries. Its largest branch is Central London, which has over 4,000 members. I joined them in 2017 as they looked at enhancing the diversity of membership and transforming the organisation to deliver greater value to business leaders. Both were aligned to my aspirations. 

IoD Reena AGM.jpg

My role here included the following:

  • Representing IoD as a judge, speaker, or panelist on various business awards, events and interviews

  • Establishing new Special Interest Groups to facilitate sector growth and develop sense of community

  • Chair the Central London Committee and support wider London volunteers and members

  • Engage, listen to member feedback and facilitate two-way channel of communication with IoD leadership 

  • Launch the IoD London Business as Unusual webinar series to engage members during the pandemic




United Kingdom

What happens when ex-gang members, the 'uneducated', homeless or ex-convicts apply for a job in the real world?  They are often rejected. 

What happens when a group decides to bridge the gap between these disadvantaged people and the business world? We making big strides in building a stronger community and diverse workforce!

This is Radical Recruit  - an innovative social recruitment consultancy I choose to support pro-bono in 2022.

I met Emma Freivogel, the founder of Radical Recruit via linked in, after an ex-client (Cathy Mulligan, Fellow @ World Economic Forum) highlighted the work they were doing. Our first chat confirmed to me that not only were we two soul mates passionate about making a difference, but that I would be delighted to coach her and her amazing team. Our agreed objective was to accelerate and grow the magnificent Radical Recruit team to deliver on their mission, with greater skill and impact.

I am committed to supporting them so each member can continue to 'boldly and unapologetically challenge the status quo' and 'pioneer a recruitment revolution'.

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-17 at 3.12.08 PM.jpeg

July 2022, London. A high powered Group Coaching session to unlock untapped potential at an individual and team level

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-17 at 11.48.54 AM

St Jane's de Chantal Home

South Africa

What happens when young women come together to serve the future generations selflessly? The future looks brighter.


What happens when this group decides to look after HIV-positive and abandoned children in South Africa? The world becomes a better place.


This is St Jane's de Chantal Home - my chosen charity to mentor and support.

I encountered St. Jane's de Chantal during My Africa project, when I mentored Josephine, part of the leadership team. I was bowled over not just by the wonderful soul she is but also the resilience, generosity, and grace that surround a dedicated team of people who - despite acute challenges - have a genuine smile on their face and the sunniest of attitudes.


I am supporting them to achieve their vision: 'to establish several more homes over the next few years to enable us to help more children in need.'  


If you would like to donate directly, please follow the link below.

St Janes de Chantal Home.jpeg

Proceeds of The Brilliance Quotient went towards the 2019 exam fee of the young boy pictured at St. Jane's de Chantal Home.

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