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Team PROductivity

Virtual and face to face workshops that deliver sustainable results in mindset, teamwork and business bottomline!


is your team ready to lead change?

Energy Leadership: foundation 

Duration: 1 day 


Purpose: Organisations who wish to re-energise their teams and build leaders who are change champions, catalysts and implementers would find this workshop particularly useful.


Based on the principles of Energy Leadership™ where we interrogate the hidden filters that teams are holding collectively that is coming in the way for raising their outcomes and benchmarks.


Key outcomes:

  • Master the science of Energy Leadership™

  • Identify and address the mental blockers limiting team productivity and innovation 

  • Define actions that empower and unleash team potential

Energy Leadership: Advanced

Duration: 2 days 

Purpose: Organisations who wish to offer accelerated support to team leaders, middle management, high potential talent, or those in the succession pipeline. Game-changing workshop as old beliefs are replaced with new personal awareness and powerful choices.


Day 2 builds on the foundation set up in Day 1. In this, the team deep dives on individual assumptions / limiting beliefs that are guiding personal actions and reactions. Attendees will each get an individual Energy Leadership™ Index Assessment Report and will map an individual action plan.


Key outcomes:

  • Interrogate and understand current mental landscape

  • Identify what makes them successful and what will further unleash leadership potential

  • Practice mental resilience techniques to enhance ability to influence peers, engage difficult stakeholders and motivate team members. 

  • Practice reframing techniques that unlocks the art of creative interpretations and powerful decision making.


A pleasure working with Reena this year and we look forward to more uplifting, energising, inspiring and thought provoking sessions...


Yvonne Obuaya

CEO, Curado - London 

Reena was awarded 'Best Training Provider by Curado in 2019'

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is your team operating at maximum potential?

Play to Strengths: Foundation 

Duration: 1 day

Purpose: Organisations who wish to invest in individual growth, notch up motivation, and performance by many levels will find this programme game-changing. All feedback scores of this programme are 100%. Great for team Away Days or team productivity immersions.


Participants will walk away with a strong understanding of their unique abilities, and how they unlock a formula to consistently outperform.


The programme includes a strategy session for HR on how you can embed a strengths based transformative culture in your organisation.

Key topics:

  • Understand the principles of positive psychology and physiology as well as your top 5 natural abilities

  • Raise your consciousness awareness on how these are showing up for you and others

  • Raise awareness on unique natural talents of your team members

  • Begin to take ownership of your strengths and how you can use them effectively to ‘stand out’ rather than ‘fit in.’

Play to Strengths: Foundation 

Duration: 2 days

Purpose: Organisations wanting to build highly motivated, aligned teams who play strategically one each others' strengths and improve diversity invest in this workshop.


Strengths Team Based Coaching is a unique and highly effective intervention for teams who naturally work together on a day-to-day basis or are aligned to projects.


The programme includes a strategy session for HR on how you can embed a strengths based transformative culture in your organisation.


Key topics: 

  • Review and understand each team member's natural strengths, edge and power

  • Analyse team strengths on domains of executing, influencing, Relationship building and strategic thinking

  • Develop strategies to collaborate with a cross section of unique talents 

  • Develop a strategy to embed a culture of strengths based development resulting in consistent business out performance and high employee engagement levels.


Reena instantly connected with the whole team and everyone felt very comfortable. She has solid subject matter expertise and was able to help the team problem solve on queries individually.  By the end of the day a very diverse team connected with each other at a personal and team level.


Ruchi Kohli

FSG, HR Director - India 

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