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Diversity and Inclusion for HULT Global Alumni Day 2020: YouTube recording

The HULT Alumni London chapter has brought a remarkable opportunity to hear directly from Reena Dayal, Chair of The Institute of Directors on "Building Resilience through Diversity and inclusion - My story and Future trends"

Reena is the acting Chair to IoD’s largest branch in Central London. She is also an author, an international leadership coach, and a mentor with a mission - ""Transforming our World. One leader at a time"". With over 27 years of global HR C-suite experience across tech, hospitality, insurance, and health sectors working across 26 countries, she transitioned to being an entrepreneur in 2015. In her capacity as IoD acting Chair, she works with business leaders to accelerate the growth of their own businesses and the UK economy. As a leadership coach, she accelerates personal effectiveness and helps leaders develop an authentic leadership brand aligned to purpose. Reena is also on executive coaching panels of prestigious companies such as ECC UK and Thrive and is the co-founder of Amplenary Academy, the only online program of its kind in the market place."

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