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Five ways to achieve your goals in less time (and less stress!)

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Sometimes, in order to act differently, you need to think differently. With the help of modern science we can explain that the energy we experience as humans are basically of two types; anabolic and catabolic. These are fundamentally biological and chemical discharges in the brain that lead to actions we take. At the seat of these chemical discharges are our thoughts and emotions. Anabolic energy is a constructive reaction at a molecular level as it releases the good chemicals inside us – like dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin. What this energy does is that it helps us move forward and achieve positive, long-term, successful results, and is useful in leading others in the same direction. Its helps us focus and meet our objectives with less stress and more efficiencies. This could be your next promotion, your next career move, being able to manage tricky team members/ peers/ boss, or how to be a Visionary and a better leader. The list can go on! We know we are experiencing anabolic energy when we experience emotions like positive motivation, joy, happiness, peace, passion, creativity…

Catabolic energy, on the other hand, is draining, resisting, and contracting energy. At a molecular level the body breaks cells to create the energy boost by releasing adrenaline.We know we are experiencing catabolic energy when we experience emotions like anger, guilt, sadness, shame. Its very powerful too and in fact its energetic boost can help our mind and body to combat what we perceive to be a stressful situation. So for example it is natural to feel anger or frustration when your values are conflicted or when there is too much work to do and you have an irresponsible partner a micro manager boss. However when used on a long term basis, it imparts mental, emotional, and physical tolls that are potentially destructive to us and people around us. What has this science got to do with achieving your goals in less time with less stress? The answer lies in managing your energy levels towards the anabolic spectrum so you have the right kind of energy which can power your efforts on an ongoing basis. The aim is not to fight against catabolic but to learn how to shift your catabolic energy when you feel it. What does this science have to do about being a leader in an organisation? By managing your energy levels you will not only manage your own actions and become a Visionary, you will influence your clients, your peers, your stakeholders in a powerful positive way. Can you begin to imagine the power you could have over your teams in driving results? Can you imagine the success your business would experience? Now multiply that by ten-fold. That is the opportunity. The question then is how does one shift and manage energy levels? Here are top 5 ways to do this. These are powerful – proven techniques being practised by many of my clients today. You can change your life if you were to follow this through.

1. Be aware of your filters As individuals, we view the world through filters (based on our experiences, values and assumptions). These filters influence what we think about our circumstances, event, a person, anything. Each time the event occurs, a thought occurs which has an energetic response which is either anabolic or catabolic. Be aware of your filters as they hold the key to why you are stuck in some areas of your professional and personal lives. With true awareness you take away the the power of the thoughts that are driving unproductive actions. 2. Be aware of your thoughts and emotions They rule your actions. Each time you have a thought there is an energetic response which is anabolic or catabolic. Step 1 be acutely aware of your thoughts and emotions as an observer. With practice you will learn to reflect, interrogate and replace your thoughts in an authentic way and manage your energy levels by managing your thoughts. 3. Nurture your intuition You may have heard of our sixth sense (not the Bruce Wills movie!) The voice inside us knows that tells us what must be done. The voice that we are unable to hear due to social conditioning, the mental chatter inside our head, the stressful lives we lead and so on. I often practice techniques with my clients that help them strengthen their abilities to listen and trust their intuition. Once developed your intuition will help you manage your thoughts and lead a more creative and abundant life. 4. Be aware of your non-negotiable values The key here is non-negotiable. I have often worked with clients who look at a list of Values and find that all 20 out of 25 are important. On deeper enquiry they realise that there are really 4-5 Values which are non negotiable which should determine the choices they should be making in their lives. The key is to identify the non negotiable list and then reflect and choose your own reactions when they are conflicted. 5. Play to your Strengths Having worked on accelerated leadership development programmes for Corporates for many years I cannot stress the importance of this concept. Your natural talents are your natural anabolic energisers. Know them – master them – manage them – play to your strengths. Mastery over strengths is an unbeatable way for you to develop a powerful, unique and authentic brand which can be lived each day to outperform in any task you wish. Can truly living these powerful truths help you get that next promotion? Can it help you redefine your problems and find new solutions? Can it help you a better leader? A better parent? Can it help change your lifestyle? Can it make you less stressed, more happy and more productive? Can it help you live a life of abundance? Yes. Yes. Yes. I wish you every success in your journey of thinking and acting differently.

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