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TBQ LiVE: Creative Neuroscience for Business - Part 1

Question: What is your strategy to tap into the powerhouse inside us to make creative decisions, solve problems and collaborate more effectively?

Creativity is not elitist, its is NOT for a few - how can we create an individual formula to be creative (leaders)? And what should the role of those who hold the job titles/ functional responsibility of Creativity be? Join me, my co-host Maria Chase and guest Kevin Thiele as we thrash around these topics and offer you insights that accelerates creativity for business, starting with you and your team.

This is part of TBQ LiVE - a fortnightly telecast based on the book The Brilliance Quotient and hosted by me and Maria Chase, creators of #NewBlueprint - the revolutionary science based leadership programme for high performing leaders and teams poised at greatness.

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