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Executive MBAs: creating future leaders

With over 15 years experience in strategic planning, sales and account relationship management in higher education and luxury hospitality, Vaibhav Rustagi understands the Executive MBA market and what it needs to engage them and the topics that will make them ready to be future leaders.

Reena has been working with me through various educational Institutions I have worked at over the last few years. We have as Universities asked her to talk on various topics. - Vaibhav

He has approached Reena to speak on topics ranging from Career transition, Disruption, Diversity and Inclusion and Resilience. HIs brief has always been as Reena says with a smile 'engage them Reena.' An ask she has relished as her style is about getting others to think - reflect - engage back.

She has delivered to great levels, encouraging interaction and food for thought for the attendees.She is extremely easy to work with and brings with her a surety of professionalism and quality. - Vaibhav

Working with students has been a passion for Reena and aligns to her vision of 'Transforming the world. One leader at a time' She has given leadership sessions for HULT International Business School, Imperial Business College, International Management Institute Delhi and Kings College. The last one was representing the institute of Directors on Autism at the workplace.

I think Reena through her work at IOD and also through the various businesses that she has started and collaborated has a lot of value to add to the lives of those seeking clarity in their career path and are en route to leadership levels within their employment journeys - Vaibhav

Reena is a popular speaker London Business circulates and anchors many of IoD's programmes. Working with Under 30s is her passion and one of her niche audiences.

If you would like to engage her on topics ranging across, contact us at or simply drop in a line at

Her style is engaging, vibrant, intuitive and sharply focused on ensuring the audience is getting the most of the time they have invested being the room.

  • Leadership Development

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Transformation

  • Career transition

  • Mental well being

  • Personal purpose

  • Eastern wisdom and western techniques

  • Mental Resilience

  • Leadership Brand

  • Values based leadership

  • Strength based development

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