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TBQ LiVE: Is your team high performing or consistently outperforming?

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Are you an Investor or a Founder? If yes, you would agree that; We invest in people, not projects and ideas. We believe leaders can influence communities, not just the team. We recognise leaders proactively nurture change, not react to it. We know in unpredictable times we and our teams need to be out-performers, not just high performers.

Watch the recording from Oct 12, 1230 London time where I chat with Rashida Abdulai, award winning entrepreneur and Co-founder of Black Founders Hub. We will uncover through her story and insights from applied neuroscience key tools to achieve consistent outperformance with no compromise to personal or professional goals.

- Managing personal or business transition - how to hit the ground running? - The 26 Million user approach - why you should consider it for yourself and your teams? - An untapped business accelerator - are you using it correctly?

This is TBQ LiVE. Join me and cohost Maria Chase who are ON A MISSION to empower leaders who have the opportunity to TRANSFORM THE WORLD, with no compromise to business bottom-lines or well-being.

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