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TBQ LiVE: Neuroscience for Business

It is TRUE. I see it all the time. Learning about the brain empowers people. Taking a deep dive into the brain's overarching organising principle, TBQLiVE will explore the powerful and often unconscious impact this has on individuals, teams and company cultures.

Our guest is Tom Freeston, who qualified as a Music Producer and Sound Engineer but chose to specialise in applied neuroscience because of the hugely positive impact it has had on, well everything really!

We will explore how we can best manage the "thing" the brain is best at and focus on David Rock's S C A R F model. Discussing its incredible versatility, myriad of applications, we will talk about how small, simple but significant reframes can help people, teams and companies level up to meet the demands of this disrupted and ever changing new business landscape.

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