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What's not to like??

"Why would you bring in a big dose of applied neuroscience to the work you are doing with CEOs, their teams and businesses? Behavioural sciences we get it but brain stuff..." If you are anything like me, you would probably say 'What's not to like about neuroscience?" The understanding about what happens in this amazing organ is leaping forward and for many around the world and for me is the golden question "So what...?" Hence the phrase I use is Applied Neuroscience: how can I use it at work and be more productive? how can I lead my career and teams with more precision? how can I lead change? how can I transform the world? get the drift.

My own work with this subject was born in 2015 when I started developing my new career and new business as an Entrepreneur and Executive Coach. I was drawn to it and no surprises it featured as Chapter 1 of my book The Brilliance Quotient with the chapter "Brain Science Matters" With that I was signalling two things - one to the world and one to me.

To the world - knowledge is power and when we learn the code of how the brain works we can work that code to get us what we want in life. To myself, learn more so you can use it more at work and on yourself. As my favourite author Richard Bach says "we teach best what we want to learn most" (might be paraphrasing a bit)

Today, applied neuroscience is centre forward of various projects I am involved in

#TBQLiVE - a live broadcast every 2nd and 4th Tuesday - Next one on Oct 26

#NewBlueprint - a deep immersion for Start Ups leaders and teams

#AscentLeadership - a high impact programme for Scale Ups and large enterprises


Because, Brain Science Matters (see above)

Because, Neuroeconomics is the way we can change the world - check out this TED talk and get a small taste of why it could be quite a game changer if you, your leaders and team knew more about applied neuroscience.

Because, what's not to like??

Because, why not?!

Enjoy the watch - a great use of the next 17 mins.

If you would like to know more about this amazing subject and embed it in your organisation, let's hook up for a chat. Drop me a line at

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