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Pivotal moments: If not now, when?

Laura Austin is a Digital Consultant working on Strategy, digital readiness and future focused digital solutions. With over 20 years experience across industries, senior roles and positive feedback she took a moment to pause and reflect on where she wanted to go next. Do you take out time to do that - pause and reflect? It is the "most important action a leader can take today", says Reena Dayal. "In a world of rush and business the smart people are taking out time to pause, reflect, redefine and accelerate. These can be pivotal moments"

Back to Laura, who was recently coached by Reena. In the first session it was established that despite the amazing feedback she had been receiving till date and her own recognition of her talent she needed a space to sharpen her incredible skills and natural instincts. We selected a range of topics to do so.

With a focus on leadership and strengths, authenticity and self-awareness Reena guides her professional clients on a truly eye-opening and mind expanding journey of self-realisation that is unique. The personal attention and focus she brings to each and every single session is literally invaluable, you simply can’t translate it’s impact on your understanding of self and professional development. - Laura

Sometimes a conversation isn't just a conversation. You have heard the story of the carpenter who charged the client £1000 for spending two minutes in walking the floorboard, detecting where the weak spots were and repairing them. When asked why so expensive for two minutes - the carpenter replied - you are paying for 30 years of experience and expertise so you can get to your outcomes faster and with guarantee. Working with a seasoned coach like Reena is akin to that.

Grounded fully in such extensive real world experience Reena speaks with authentic authority to both individuals and teams at a range of levels and handles the leadership conversations with compassion and a wonderful energy and enthusiasm. - Laura

Laura set about her own journey of excellence through self awareness, challenging her own mental status quo and clarifying her purpose and vision. With a sharp focus on her Strenghts, Beliefs, Values and Purpose we agree - she pivoted - big time! Watch this space as she flourishes.

For anyone who is looking for a deeper understanding of leadership for themselves or their team which is aligned to your values, the development of your core strengths or for those of you in search of understanding around your own leadership style there is only one woman to talk to, and that is Reena Dayal. - Laura

High praise we know for Reena, and Reena insists (and we agree) that the outcome is because of the strong collaboration between the two and the techniques and assessments used to accelerate self awareness and self mastery.

We think both Laura and Reena deserve kudos for the work they did earlier this year and this post is a celebration of them both.

For all of those who are waiting to leap forward, what are you waiting for? If you are ready to pivot we are ready for you. If not now, when?

The Collaborators UK team

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